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Do Your Job: Tell Your Criminal Defence Attorney Everything You Know!

When you decide which attorney will represent you in a criminal action, remember that the attorney can only help you based on the information you relay to him. From that point on, you and the attorney have formed a partnership and the attorney is relying on you to give him all the pertinent facts of the case. If you happen to omit some of the details, that could make a difference in how he intends to handle and present your case in court. You definitely want your criminal defence attorney to have all the necessary information so that he can prepare the best possible defense for you.

He can only help you if you help him. His job is to defend you against the crime you have been charged with and in order to do that, he has to know every detail involved with the case, even if you think it is insignificant. Let him be the one to tell you that.

Another good idea is to prepare a summary of the case. That is, a narrative, in your own words, of what happened leading up to your arrest or your involvement in the case. The attorney will appreciate your information and then he can formulate it into a plausible defense for you.


Choose Felony Lawyers Wisely

If you need to hire a criminal defense lawyer, it is critical that to do your research first! After all, felony lawyers are expected to keep you out of jail and prevent criminal records.

Before hiring felony lawyers for your criminal defense, ask the following questions:
• How many criminal trials has the felony lawyer taken to trial?
• Which felony lawyers have the best track record in the court where your trial will take place?
• Which felony lawyers have the most experience defending your specific charge?
• Is the felony lawyer interested in defending your case or merely lowering the charge?
• Which felony lawyers will return your phone calls and actually spend time on your case, instead of showing up unprepared?
• Is your felony lawyer’s fee standard?
• Will felony lawyers be able to clear criminal records if you’re found not guilty?

Depending on your charge, choosing the right felony lawyers may mean the difference between enjoying your continued freedom and spending years in prison. Because this is one of the most important decisions of your life, talk to several different attorneys and ask all the right questions before retaining felony lawyers. Hiring an attorney that is friendly with the prosecuting attorney, the judge, and the local police force could make all the difference in the outcome of your case.


When you need a criminal attorney

Those who have had legal issues know how challenging it can be to find a criminal attorney to look out for them. Many criminal attorneys specialize in a single field such as drunk driving, juvenile crimes or white collar crimes. This may make finding a top criminal attorney difficult if you do not fit into one of these "niche" markets.

When you need a criminal attorney, it is important that you know their background. Today, nearly all law firms have websites which allows you to research their areas of expertise. Take advantage of the wealth of resources that are available to you online and find out more before you hire a criminal attorney.

A top criminal attorney can be your best ally if you are facing legal challenges. They know the law better than you do. Regardless of your guilt or innocence, you need a good criminal attorney to help you navigate the legal system.

A criminal attorney can help you with a range of charges from drunk driving, drug crimes (including possession), assault charges and firearms violations. Never try to serve as your own attorney in these cases, you may be facing heavy fines as well as jail time. Hire a top criminal attorney and make sure you are represented fairly.


Federal Criminal Defense

Whenever a person needs to retain a federal criminal defense attorney for court proceedings, it is very important to select one highly qualified to handle a case, and is familiar with the federal system. The federal court system is designed to manage all cases who are related to the United States Constitution and federal laws.

A federal criminal defense attorney might have to deal with serious cases like tax fraud, bankruptcy, white-collar crimes, and anything else that falls under federal jurisdiction. The best criminal defense attorney is obligated to be present anytime a client is questioned during a legal investigation. It is possible that the lawyer may also have to do some type of mediation, or negotiate an agreement with the client and prosecutors or legal authorities.

The best federal criminal attorney knows how federal sentencing procedures work, and will always keep the client updated on what is happening during a case. If a person feels that a lawyer is not handling a case correctly, then it is highly recommended that the client seek new representation before court proceedings begin.


When you need a federal criminal attorney

Those who have been charged with fraud, tax evasion, identity theft, certain drug violations, kidnapping and several white collar crimes may need a federal criminal attorney. In addition to facing state or local charges, they may also be facing federal criminal charges.

The federal criminal code is significantly different than state codes and requires a federal criminal defense attorney who understands the laws that pertain to the crime. Even gun crimes may result in federal criminal charges being leveled. It is critical that a defendant have their rights protected and this can only be done by hiring a federal criminal defense attorney who understands the law.

Not all criminal lawyers have experience as a federal criminal attorney. You may have the best possible criminal attorney to help you with charges in your state, but if those charges are also charged on a federal level, you may find that you need an experienced federal criminal attorney.

Whether you are being charged under federal drug laws, federal gun laws or tax laws, you want to make sure you are being represented by a federal criminal attorney who understands the federal criminal code. Protect your rights as well as your future and hire an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer if you are facing federal charges.


Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney!

When you want to hire a criminal defense attorney, most likely you first turn to the yellow pages listing in the telephone book. There, you see the top criminal defense attorneys as well as the not so well known attorneys. It is difficult to choose one from a listing of names and specialty areas. How can someone be expected to make an informed choice based on that fact alone?

The answer is that obviously, you can’t. One thing you can do is to contact your state’s Bar Association for information. Ask if they have a “Lawyer Referral Service” and if so, have them connect you to that department. Once you contact someone there, tell them you are calling to see if they can refer you to some top defense attorneys in your area.

Often, they will not only give you the contact information of some top criminal defense attorneys, but sometimes those referrals come with an added benefit, such as a free consultation or a reduced rate for the first hour.

When you make a first appointment with the referred criminal defense attorney, make sure you tell the person you obtained the attorney’s name and number through the specific Bar Association you contacted. That way, you’ll make sure to get the added benefit!

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