Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney!

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Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney!

When you want to hire a criminal defense attorney, most likely you first turn to the yellow pages listing in the telephone book. There, you see the top criminal defense attorneys as well as the not so well known attorneys. It is difficult to choose one from a listing of names and specialty areas. How can someone be expected to make an informed choice based on that fact alone?

The answer is that obviously, you can’t. One thing you can do is to contact your state’s Bar Association for information. Ask if they have a “Lawyer Referral Service” and if so, have them connect you to that department. Once you contact someone there, tell them you are calling to see if they can refer you to some top defense attorneys in your area.

Often, they will not only give you the contact information of some top criminal defense attorneys, but sometimes those referrals come with an added benefit, such as a free consultation or a reduced rate for the first hour.

When you make a first appointment with the referred criminal defense attorney, make sure you tell the person you obtained the attorney’s name and number through the specific Bar Association you contacted. That way, you’ll make sure to get the added benefit!



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