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Do I Need A Tax Lawyer?

First you need to be sure that you need a tax lawyer. Most tax associated problems can be thoroughly and competantly handled by a much less expensive CPA or the tax firm that files your taxes each year.

If, however, you owe the IRS a large amount in back taxes or have questionable investments or are facing an audit that your tax consultant cannot handle with you, then it is time to move up to a tax lawyer. To find answers to your tax delemna and find a local tax lawyer, check out FindLaw.

A tax attorney doesn't come cheap. Prepare yourself ahead of time by researching his credentials and expertise in the tax area of your concern. You want to make sure he is licensed and has IRS experience under his belt. You want to know how he charges and how you can pay. You want no surprises.

You may need to talk to 4 or 5 tax lawyers before you are comfortable in making your decision. Be prepared with your up-to-date tax records before each meeting. Be honest and your tax problem should be handled swiftly with your tax lawyer.


Tax problems and how a criminal tax attorney can help

Few things will strike as much fear into a person as being told they are facing an IRS audit. However, if in the course of that audit you are accused of tax evasion it is time that you find a criminal tax attorney. A criminal tax attorney can help you navigate the frightening prospect of dealing with the IRS on your own.

If you hire a top criminal attorney they are there to help protect your rights and fight for you. An IRS problem is a serious matter that has a long lasting impact on your finances. Most people do not willfully file false tax returns, the IRS code is long and it is confusing meaning that mistakes can and do happen. Not all tax problems are caused by those who deliberately file wrong or misleading information.

Those who are facing charges of tax evasion, failure to file or filing wrong tax returns need a good criminal tax attorney. They are there to represent your interests and make sure that you do not face more serious charges. A top criminal attorney can help you avoid additional interest and penalty charges if you made a mistake that someone construed as tax evasion. Do not hesitate to contact a criminal tax attorney if you need one.

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