Do Your Job: Tell Your Criminal Defence Attorney Everything You Know!

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Do Your Job: Tell Your Criminal Defence Attorney Everything You Know!

When you decide which attorney will represent you in a criminal action, remember that the attorney can only help you based on the information you relay to him. From that point on, you and the attorney have formed a partnership and the attorney is relying on you to give him all the pertinent facts of the case. If you happen to omit some of the details, that could make a difference in how he intends to handle and present your case in court. You definitely want your criminal defence attorney to have all the necessary information so that he can prepare the best possible defense for you.

He can only help you if you help him. His job is to defend you against the crime you have been charged with and in order to do that, he has to know every detail involved with the case, even if you think it is insignificant. Let him be the one to tell you that.

Another good idea is to prepare a summary of the case. That is, a narrative, in your own words, of what happened leading up to your arrest or your involvement in the case. The attorney will appreciate your information and then he can formulate it into a plausible defense for you.



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