Choose Felony Lawyers Wisely

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Choose Felony Lawyers Wisely

If you need to hire a criminal defense lawyer, it is critical that to do your research first! After all, felony lawyers are expected to keep you out of jail and prevent criminal records.

Before hiring felony lawyers for your criminal defense, ask the following questions:
• How many criminal trials has the felony lawyer taken to trial?
• Which felony lawyers have the best track record in the court where your trial will take place?
• Which felony lawyers have the most experience defending your specific charge?
• Is the felony lawyer interested in defending your case or merely lowering the charge?
• Which felony lawyers will return your phone calls and actually spend time on your case, instead of showing up unprepared?
• Is your felony lawyer’s fee standard?
• Will felony lawyers be able to clear criminal records if you’re found not guilty?

Depending on your charge, choosing the right felony lawyers may mean the difference between enjoying your continued freedom and spending years in prison. Because this is one of the most important decisions of your life, talk to several different attorneys and ask all the right questions before retaining felony lawyers. Hiring an attorney that is friendly with the prosecuting attorney, the judge, and the local police force could make all the difference in the outcome of your case.



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