Top Criminal Defense Attorneys and DUI Charges

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Top Criminal Defense Attorneys and DUI Charges

Top criminal defense attorneys are seasoned lawyers, experts on intricacies of the law, with many years experience in the courtroom. Most Americans think of the U.S. Constitution and our Bill of Rights, when we think of the laws that govern us. However, there are literally thousands of common laws and by-laws passed for each state that affect our freedom. Top criminal defense attorneys have not only read and studied these laws, but have first-hand experience understanding exactly how they are interpreted and prosecuted within our justice system.

For the average, hard working, tax-paying citizen, the most common criminal offense is “Driving under the influence”. With alcohol consumption at an all-time high and the frequent widespread use of prescription drugs, this criminal offense is now a regular, everyday, occurrence within our society. Family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and even you, may have been charged with a DUI offense already. It is important to understand the laws, fines, penalties, and long-term affects associated with this criminal offense.

“Driving under the influence” has many interpretations, and is determined by law enforcement officials by how you handle your vehicle, field sobriety tests, breathalyzers, and blood and urine tests. The categories for this criminal offense include: DUI – driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol or both, DWI - driving while intoxicated, DWI – driving while impaired, DWAI – Driving while ability impaired, OWI – operating while intoxicated, OVI – operating a vehicle while impaired, and OMVI – operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, and driving while you or your passenger is consuming alcohol. Charges may be imposed for drivers of vehicles, motorcycles, boats, aircraft, riding lawnmowers and bicycles, and even for riding a horse.

Top criminal defense attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to properly advise you and protect your rights, in the event, you are charged with this criminal offense. Hiring a defense attorney to legally represent you is a must. The punishments can vary from misdemeanor charges, fines and community service, to extended jail time and license suspension. There is entirely too much at stake for the average citizen not to seek legal representation from a top criminal defense attorney.



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