Working With Your Accident Injury Attorneys

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Working With Your Accident Injury Attorneys

When you are working with your accident injury lawyers, it is good to have detailed notes about your accident handy. This is one thing that should be done immediately after any accident injury, before your mind has time to forget important details. Include details of as much of the following information as possible for your accident attorney:

1. Date and time of the accident
2. Location of the accident
3. External conditions that might have had an impact - weather, roads
4. Contact information for any witnesses that were present
5. List of injuries or damages
6. Your recollection of events in chronological order
7. Description of the accident or event scene
8. Medical treatment and copies of treatment records and billing
9. Medical recommendations for future treatment
10. Any photographs you may have of the accident, or drawings

Provide this information at your first meeting with your accident injury lawyers. Bear in mind that you should remain available whenever needed for meetings with your accident attorney.

Personal injury lawsuits often stretch out to several years duration before a settlement is reached or before a case goes into a courtroom. This is another reason why your detailed accident notes serve as an excellent resource of information for your accident injury lawyers, and a way to help refresh your own memory.



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