Things to Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney

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Things to Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney

Filing a lawsuit for a personal injury can be a little traumatic; taking legal action is not something most people do on a regular basis. Two things to ask your personal injury attorney right at the beginning of your quest for fair compensation for your injuries or damages are:

1. Be sure your personal injury lawyer is a specialist in your problem area. There are many types of personal injury specialties that the attorney might select for a specialization. Many cover several areas, like a generalist. The best course would be to try to narrow down the field to a personal injury attorney who has handled many cases involving your type of injury or damage claims.

2. Ask how billing will be done. This is common and not at all something to be shy about. Most personal injury lawsuits are billed on a contingency basis. This only means that no fee is collected if the case is lost, and if it is won, fees will be collected only after you recover your award for damages. Be aware that you may be expected to pay some small office type fees along the way. These lawsuits frequently take a long time before completion and contingency fees are one way for a case to be handled without draining the client financially.



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